Organisational Structure

The International School of Geneva is a not-for-profit Foundation established under Swiss law. Its manner of governance is laid down in a Charter and Regulations approved by the Federal Department of Home affairs.

Managed by a Governing Board, the school is composed of the following entities and bodies:

The Governing Board

It consists of twelve elected members, one member appointed by the Federal Council, two members appointed by the Canton of Geneva, and one member appointed by the Canton of Vaud. The Board also exercises its powers of co-option, for example by inviting the United Nations to nominate a representative. Elected members are chosen by an electorate that consists of parents, members of staff, former members of staff, and former students.

The Director General

The Director General is the Chief Executive and Educational Leader of the Foundation. He is responsible for the appointment of principals and directors of central Foundation departments, the planning of academic programmes and school facilities, the supervision of academic quality, and the financial, personnel and administrative management of the Foundation. He makes recommendations to the Governing Board.

Conférence des Directeurs

The 15 members of the Conférence des Directeurs constitute the senior management team of the Foundation. It is composed of the Director General, the Directors of Finance and Administration, Admissions and Marketing, Education, Human Resources, ICT, Development and Alumni relations (from November 2022) and of the Campus and School Principals.

The Conférence des Directeurs formulates policies, proposals and recommendations on any matters of importance which have a bearing on the functioning and development of the Foundation and assists the Director General in decision-making.


Foundation governance and management structure
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