Results and guidance

Thanks to the quality of our teaching and to the support we offer, our students produce exceptional exam results. Our Guidance departments accompany them towards this success and in their university or professional choices.

Resultats et Orientation

2023 exam results

As a school with an inclusive admissions policy and open access for all students to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, we are proud of our long track record of IB results that are well above the world average and we also celebrate our students' achievements in all of the programmes we offer.

IB Diploma pass rate

IB Diploma average points

% 40-45 points IBDP

% Bilingual IB Diplomas

IB Career-related Programme pass rate

Maturité suisse pass rate*

% A*-C IGCSE pass rate*


* These results are for 2022


Number of IB Diploma Candidates
La Grande Boissière146135145146138135141140138149150
La Châtaigneraie123102111120122120123131134132130
Campus des Nations605665577072 6676737979
Ecolint Total329 293321323330327330347345360359
IBDP % pass rate
La Grande Boissière96939795959696981009995
La Châtaigneraie96989998949598971009999
Campus des Nations93919791969395999710095
World Total7979807979697777898979
IBDP average points
La Grande Boissière3433343534343535 383734
La Châtaigneraie3535343536363635373836
Campus des Nations3435363436333535373735
World Total3030303030303030333330
Maturité suisse % pass rate

University destinations

United Kingdom: 154 students


  • University of Cambridge: 3
  • University of Oxford: 2
  • University College London: 16
  • King’s College London: 15
  • University of Bath: 8
  • University of Sussex: 8
  • Imperial College: 7

North America: 78 students


  • University of Toronto: 12
  • McGill: 6  
  • University of Pennsylvania:  2 
  • Stanford:  2
  • Yale: 1

Switzerland: 51 students


  • École Hôtelière de Lausanne: 21
  • École Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL): 7
  • University of Geneva: 9
  • University of Lausanne: 4

Other: 59 students


  • The Netherlands: 23
  • Italy: 8 (Bocconi University: 5)
  • France: 5 (Sciences Po: 2)
  • Spain: 7

Other destinations include Belgium, Finland, India, Japan, Malta, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and South Korea.

University and Career Guidance

On all three campuses, our students and their parents benefit from intensive guidance during their Secondary School years.

With a focus on career exploration and preparation for post-secondary education, the Guidance staff works with each student on their course choices, summer school opportunities, as well as university requirements and applications.

With particularly extensive knowledge of the UK, North American and Swiss university systems which are the destinations for most of our students, we also provide expert knowledge of universities around the world, reflecting our international character. See above our students' university destinations.

Services offered by our Guidance departments

  • Regular individual meetings with the Guidance Counsellors
  • Exam preparation sessions (SAT, IB Diploma)
  • University application preparation workshops
  • University fairs including representatives from higher education institutions from across the world
  • On-site university visits
High School Profiles

High School Profiles

This document is often requested by higher education institutions as part of the university application process.


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