La Grande Boissière

Our Primary School provides the ideal environment, care and guidance for our young students to embark upon a successful school experience. 

La Grande Boissière Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School!

Our 3 to 4 year-olds enjoy state-of-the-art Early Years classrooms occupying the ground floor of a splendid 18th century château. Our 4 to 9 year-olds spend their day in classrooms that are grouped into “villages”, each with a central common space ideal for interaction and group activity. We are committed to helping our 410 young students thrive and become autonomous learners.


 Mirna Hafez-Farah

 Primary School Principal, La Grande Boissière


students aged 3 to 9
Teaching staff

Bilingual programme

Teaching is provided in English and in French, with increasing exposure to the second language in each year level.

Universal Learning Programme

Students follow Ecolint's unique Universal Learning Programme, based on deep understanding, competence development and social impact.

Learning support

Students with learning difficulties can benefit from the expertise of our Learning Support staff. Students with moderate to severe learning needs can follow our Extended Support Programme (limited places). 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Culture & Leisure, Sports, Music, Performing Arts... our ECA programme is the ideal complement for the harmonious development of your child.

La Grande Boissière curriculum options

An early pioneer in child-centred education, Ecolint prides itself on giving every child what he or she needs by fulfilling its mission to educate students to be global citizens with the courage and capacity to create a just and joyful tomorrow together.

Additional information and services

School hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30 – 15:00
(Wednesdays: 8:30 to 12:00). 


Every day, our caterer SV Group provides our students with healthy and balanced meals and is committed to sustainability and promoting animal-friendly farming practices.


We provide a transport service to and from each campus that covers parts of the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, as well as neighbouring France.

After School Care

Open daily until 18:00, Ecolint's After School Care (ASC) is the ideal solution for our busy parents.

Visit our school!

In-person visits

We are happy to welcome visitors to our Primary School once a week during term time on Tuesday at 9:00.

Online visits

Video conferences with the Primary School Principal take place throughout term time on the first Friday of each month at 13:45.