Aimed at top-level student athletes who want to succeed both academically and athletically, Ecolint's SPORTS+ programme is suitable for students of all ages, whatever their sport. 

SPORTS+ is the first student-centred programme offered in an international school that supports both the athletic and the academic dimensions. 

Programme for Elite Athletes

Help our students rise to the challenge of conciliating academic performance with competitive sports

Reserved for elite athletes from Year 3 upwards, our SPORTS+ programme enables students to combine a rigorous academic programme with elite sports. Our school is the first and only international school to offer this programme. SPORTS+ was launched in 2017 and now has more than 80 students. 

Competing at national or international level requires tremendous organisation for our students and their families. The strength of our programme lies in the depth of the support it provides. Our main goal at Ecolint is to make sure that every student reaches his or her full potential. The Sports+ programme is based on 3 pillars: 

  • Athletic
  • Medical
  • Academic

The SPORTS+ programme complements club training and goes into greater depth on certain aspects that cannot be dealt with at club level. SPORTS+ provides extensive physical preparation for top-level athletes, with 4 to 5 training sessions per week. After rigorous assessment and evaluation, a specific programme is offered to each student based on his or her needs and on the club's needs. 

A tailor-made programme



  • Work with an external coach
  • 2-4 sessions/week with individual fitness trainer and coach
  • Competition preparation
  • Outside school hours

Training camps

Focus on fitness and individual skills
During school holidays

Specific technical training

Individual skills for popular sports 


Partnership with Hôpital de La Tour

1-2 doctors available for consultations
1-2 physiotherapists on campus every week
1 nutritionist available for consultations
On-demand sports psychologist


Several times a year (after school) on themes such as doping, stress management, overtraining




1 academic supervisor per campus

Every 4-5 weeks: meeting with Sports Director
Follow-up on well-being and absences

Supervised study

1-2x/week after school
Supervision by IB teachers

Organisation of the school day

Students remain in their regular classes
Excused when needed (trainings, competitions, camps)

Sports+ supports for elite athletes at academic level


Being an elite athlete and a student demands important organisation skills, rigour and commitment. The SPORTS+ programme comes alongside students during their academic journey, acting as a liaison between the school and the student's family. 

Elite athlete students benefit from authorised absences to attend competitions. During those times out of school, the SPORTS+ team liaises with the student and their parents in order to provide the class material that was covered. If need be, the SPORTS+ programme also offers tutoring within the school. Every week and on each campus, students can benefit from the presence of a teacher or tutor for 2 hours to help them get back on track. 

Sports+ partners with Hôpital de la Tour to provide specific medical care to the elite sport students


Medical support and health management is just as important as the training itself. Ecolint has partnered up with the Sports Medicine Centre at Hôpital de La Tour, which is a fully accredited Swiss Olympic Medical Center, a label that guarantees the best medical support and care for our students. Our athletes benefit from close monitoring and an individual check-up at the beginning of the year with Dr Boris Gojanovic and his team. In addition, the partnership enables the student-athletes to have a priority access to the medical team whenever the need is identified by the support team.

During the year, physiotherapists come on campus weekly to evaluate the physical condition of our students. This allows the whole team to plan the week according to the specific needs of each athlete. 

This type of extensive support makes SPORTS+ the most advanced and integrated sports programme in an international school


The SPORTS+ programme also supports our students' clubs and federations. This is part of our unique approach: our coaches are in regular contact with club coaches to make sure the specific programme designed for each athlete is in line with the club's needs. Federations, clubs and SPORTS+ work together in partnership towards one common goal: the well-being and performance of our students.

For some sports such as football or basketball,  individual and contactless technical training is provided by our trainers. This type of coaching enables to reinforce technical skills and/or focus on one specific aspect of the student's technique. 

Meet the team



Antoine Laffay
SPORTS+ Director




Bertrand Pouilly
Administrative assistant







Amar Arhab
Physical Trainer

Sally Sarr
Physical Trainer

Julien Taillard
Physical Trainer

Sylvain Chareyre
Physical Trainer

Kamel Boudjellaba
Physical Trainer
Football Coach

Christopher M'Fuyi
Football Coach

Gregory Whibley
Football Coach

Walid Meliani
Track and Field Coach

Jeremy Beyer
Track and Field Coach

Michèle Garlinski 
Track and Field Coach

Patrick Macagaza
Basketball Coach

Vladimir Buscaglia
Basketball Coach

Jean-Michel Gay
Gymnatics Coach

Emmanuelle Gay
Gymnatics Coach

SPORTS+ Academic support

Taylor Curry (Campus des Nations)

Joanne Sheppard (La Grande Boissière)

Anest Allaway (La Châtaigneraie)


Academic tutor

Valeria Gili

Anaïs Gaillard

Kate Harbottle

SPORTS+ Partners - Hôpital de la Tour


Medical team

Dr Boris Gojanovic - Specialist in Sport & Exercise Medicine (and President of SEM Switzerland), general internal medicine, manual medicine, member of Swiss Medical Association (FMH)

Dr Anne Duraffourg - Specialist in General Internal Medicine, Specialist in Sports Medicine

Valérie Ducommun - Dietitian, ES ASDD (Swiss Association of Registered Dietitians), specializing in sports nutrition

Sports Physiotherapist team

Kevin Goudard
Christopher Hartmann
Sonia Kleinmann
Virginie Alder
Laurent McAnulty
Melvyn Raven
Xavier Dallemagne


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SPORTS+ team

Antoine Laffay

SPORTS+ Director