Ecolint Director General Conrad Hughes Receives the 2024 International Schools Association (ISA) International Humanism Award

The International Schools Association, founded in 1951 and with 40 member schools, works to promote international and intercultural understanding. In so doing the Association espouses a number of values – peace, freedom, equality, tolerance and the celebration of both diversity and similarity – which express for the Association the essential meaning and purpose of multiculturalism and international mindedness.

The International Humanism Award is granted to persons and organisations who believe that International Humanism is a philosophy, a state of being and a way of living which consists in a set of universal human values that only active dialogue and shared experience can uncover. Past recipients include the Human Rights activists Álvaro Gil-Robles and Malala Yousafzai and the educators Dorothy Goodman (founder and past Director of Washington International School) and Gerard Renaud (former International Baccalaureate DG).

ISA Chairwoman Narin Stassis said “the Board of ISA congratulates Dr Hughes. This award recognises the tremendous contributions he has made to international education in his scholarship, publications and curriculum initiatives over several years”.

The ISA Board of directors have expressed that Conrad’s “leadership, impact on international education and tireless promotion of universal human values do not go unnoticed.”

Conrad Hughes, who was awarded the prize on the 7th of May commented: “I am honoured to receive this award and thank ISA for the important work they have done to build the construct of international education over more than 70 years. Ecolint, Yokohama International School and the United Nations International School in New York are all bound by long-lasting affiliations with ISA. I look forward to a new era of partnership for international mindedness as the world moves towards a celebration of 100 years of international education”.