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General News - 01/05/2017
Celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of April, International Girls in ICT Day is an initiative to create a global environment that empowers
General News - 28/04/2017
At the Pregny Early Years Centre, a cohort of Eco-Heroes is in training in each of the campus’ classes. The Eco-Heroes are none other than the
General News - 26/04/2017
On April 6, 1944, two trucks carrying a dozen Nazi soldiers and army captain Klaus Barbie of the Gestapo, the Third Reich’s secret police, arrived at
General News - 25/04/2017
La Châtaigneraie Year 12 student and 'Schrödinger's Club' team member Kara Koopman shares her impressions of the Swiss Young Physicists Tournament.
General News - 06/04/2017
Joining organisations around the world to raise awareness about autism, we are taking the opportunity to announce our upcoming 8th Annual Special
General News - 05/04/2017
With a wealth of expertise from each of its four teachers, the Design Department is the jewel of the Campus des Nations Secondary School . Each with
General News - 24/03/2017
“As doctors, we cannot prevent people from dying” began nephrologist and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive
General News - 22/03/2017
When she was only 12 years old, author and journalist Irene Villa lost both her legs and three of her fingers. “That day, we’d heard the sound of
General News - 16/03/2017
On 21 August 2008, 40-year old black British musician Sean Rigg, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, died while in police custody at a police