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General News - 24/09/2019
Words. They can inspire us. They can terrify us. They can cause us to reflect, change our ways or doubt our strongest beliefs. Two La Châtaigneraie
General News - 09/09/2019
At Ecolint, balancing an academically rigorous curriculum with a demanding, elite sports life is possible thanks to our Sports+ Programme offered at
General News - 22/07/2019
At the invitation of the Board of European and International Affairs of the Greek Ministry for Education and hosted by the Association of English
General News - 02/07/2019
On 22-26 April 2019, Life Lab Education and Research Foundation, in collaboration with La Grande Boissière’s STEM Centre and CERN, organised the
General News - 02/04/2019
On today’s International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) , the International School of Geneva celebrates by looking back on a series of stories created by
General News - 15/03/2019
Each of the Ecolint campuses has seen a flurry of activity this week in the lead up to the first global school strike against climate change, or
General News - 07/03/2019
A balanced world is a better world. At Ecolint, we couldn’t agree more, particularly when it comes to gender balance. On this important day, we
General News - 06/12/2018
The International Baccalaureate has been celebrating its 50th birthday this year, commemorating the success and uniqueness of the IB curriculum, a
General News - 11/09/2018
Foundation Archivist Alejandro Rodríguez-Giovo's eloquent obituary for Loïs Meyhoffer. In principium erat Loïs (In the beginning, there was Loïs)