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Teacher pointing at maths exercises on a screen
General News - 20/07/2022
By Karen Taylor, PhD., Director of Education and of the Institute of Learning and Teaching Imagine a warm Friday afternoon in a classroom with 22
Charles Larson with an LGBTQI+ flag
General News - 29/06/2022
Is it possible that Sisyphus, the mythical figure condemned to an eternity of futile labour, is, in fact, happy? In September 2021, Charles Larson (
A Library in the Forest: La Grande Boissière’s Book Trail
General News - 01/04/2022
How can we encourage young children to read and read some more, wherever they are and at all times? Such is the challenge that Marie-Pierre Preece,
La Châtaigneraie students and West Ham coach Jenny Coady cheer on Women's Day
General News - 11/03/2022
On Tuesday 8 March 2022, students, staff and parents mobilised across each of Ecolint’s campuses to imagine and call for a more gender equal world,
George Walker
General News - 07/03/2022
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of George Walker, Director General of Ecolint from 1991 to 1999, on 4 March 2022. Read on
Peggy Ray receives one of the first IB diplomas from the hands of Lord Mountbatten
General News - 22/09/2021
As twelve courageous and competent students collected their diplomas on an unseasonably hot autumn day (24 September 1971), they were at the
Diversity as the bedrock of peace
General News - 02/09/2021
La Grande Boissière Campus and Secondary Principal Conrad Hughes wrote and delivered this speech in front of staff at the start of the 2021-2022
Meet Ecolint’s Librarians
General News - 23/04/2021
Ensconced behind a pile of books, reading out loud to a group of wide-eyed students, guiding readers to the perfect book, unpacking and shelving the
Our young reporters from La Châtaigneraie's Year 10 Maturité class hard at work
General News - 31/03/2021
If there is one cause that Ecolint students hold dear, it is the protection of the environment. This year again, they have mobilised for sustainable