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General News - 01/04/2022
How can we encourage young children to read and read some more, wherever they are and at all times? Such is the challenge that Marie-Pierre Preece,
La Châtaigneraie students and West Ham coach Jenny Coady cheer on Women's Day
General News - 11/03/2022
On Tuesday 8 March 2022, students, staff and parents mobilised across each of Ecolint’s campuses to imagine and call for a more gender equal world,
General News - 07/03/2022
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of George Walker, Director General of Ecolint from 1991 to 1999, on 4 March 2022. Read on
General News - 22/09/2021
As twelve courageous and competent students collected their diplomas on an unseasonably hot autumn day (24 September 1971), they were at the
General News - 02/09/2021
La Grande Boissière Campus and Secondary Principal Conrad Hughes wrote and delivered this speech in front of staff at the start of the 2021-2022
General News - 23/04/2021
Ensconced behind a pile of books, reading out loud to a group of wide-eyed students, guiding readers to the perfect book, unpacking and shelving the
General News - 31/03/2021
If there is one cause that Ecolint students hold dear, it is the protection of the environment. This year again, they have mobilised for sustainable
General News - 27/10/2020
La Châtaigneraie’s educator and guidance counsellor Krista Despotovic-Jacobson has been selected for the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator
General News - 05/10/2020
“Ecolint exists for the sake of our students. If their learning is being disrupted or if their wellbeing or the wellbeing of those who teach and care