Ecolint Creative Awards

We're delighted to present the inaugural Ecolint Creative Awards—a celebration of innovation, imagination, and sustainability within our diverse community.



As part of our school Centenary projects, the Ecolint Creative Awards celebrate and honor excellence and innovation in creative writing, visual arts, theatre, music, dance, public speaking and film around the 3 themes of our Centenary:

  • Education for peace
  • Education for all
  • Education for the planet’s future


At Ecolint, we're passionate about nurturing creativity in all its forms. These awards are our way of recognizing and honoring the outstanding achievements of students, staff, alumni, and parents who are pushing the boundaries of creativity while embracing the principles of sustainability. 

The Ecolint Creative Awards are more than just a competition; they're a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity, sustainability, and community spirit. We encourage everyone in the Ecolint community to participate, support each other, and celebrate the incredible diversity of talent and passion that defines who we are.


The Creative Awards are divided in 6 categories: 


The Ecolint Creative Music award seeks to encourage performers to show their style and versatility in a spirit of friendly competition in all genres of music. Entries can be submitted individually or in collaboration with friends, school class or family. Emphasis is placed on the quality of the lyrics, melody and chords, and how the music demonstrates both technical and artistic competency, highlighting emerging originality.


The Ecolint Creative Film award is open to filmmakers who have showcased directorial prowess through their works, creating memorable stories based on the three Centenary themes, Peace, Inclusion and Sustainability. Emphasis is placed also on their creativity, innovation, the overall effectiveness of the message delivered and the technical quality of the videos. 

Creative writing

The Ecolint Creative Writing award is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring writers to showcase their talents and creativity. Our entry categories are in micro-stories and poetry that focus on one of the three themes of Ecolint’s Centenary: Education for Peace, Education for All, Education for the Future of the Planet. Emphasis will be placed on imagination, persuasion, style, engagement for the fiction and non fiction pieces. For poetry, we will look for the effective use of language and poetic techniques, and enjoyment.

Visual arts

The Ecolint Creative Visual Arts award recognizes innovative talents working in photos and design around the three themes of the Centenary: Peace, Inclusion and Sustainability. Emphasis is placed on the originality of the pieces, on their concept and how the art works adhere to the three themes, and on consistent approach and technique that they show.

Performing arts

The Ecolint Creative Performing Arts award recognizes work of an extraordinary nature in the performing arts by an individual artist and/or group. Emphasis is placed on  innovation with respect to poise, techniques, originality and delivery. The performance material is chosen by the candidates, allowing creative freedom and the opportunity for them to develop their material around one of the three Centenary themes.

Public Speaking / TEDx Talk

The Ecolint Creative Public Speaking award is open to presenters who communicate effectively, engage confidently with and entertain the audience on topics related to the three themes of the Centenary. It provides an excellent opportunity for contestants to showcase their self-confidence and skills in oral communication, speech writing and research.

Key dates

Entry period

1 July to 31 December 2024

Jury selection

1 January to 30 April 2025

Awards announcement

17 June 2025


We accept entries from students, staff, alumni and parents. To be eligible for entry into the Awards, projects must have reached completion to the point of enabling a proper assessment by the Jury, by no later than 31 December 2024. Entries must have been produced after January 2024. Entry brief should be around 300 words. 

Conditions of entry

  1. Before an entry can be considered for an award the entrant must have, by the required date:
  • Submitted all required entry information, materials and images
  • Provided all required consents and declarations in relation to the entry


  1. Authorship: Entrants must provide accurate entry information and attribute all who contribute significantly to the authorship of the project at the time of acceptance of entry. Any entry containing inaccurate information or incorrect attribution may be disqualified 


Age division

The age category is determined by using the average age as of 1 January, 2024.

Graph showing age division for the awards



While all work submitted is appreciated, the Creative Awards Team cannot guarantee that all submissions will be showcased and reserves the right to withhold any creation that does not adhere to the rules and guidelines of the project.

You agree that Ecolint may use images of your work for non-commercial, promotional, website, or publicity purposes.

Image illustrating the jury for the Creative Awards

The jury

The Ecolint Creative Awards Jury draws on from the expertise of its teachers and other professionals who have distinguished themselves in their field. We thank them truly for their dedication, time and knowledge to make the awards celebrations possible. 

The purpose of the Ecolint Creative Awards is to celebrate and honour the excellence and innovation of our community in the areas of creative writing, performing and visual arts, music, dance, public speaking and film.

Become a jury member

If you would like to express interest in becoming a member of the jury for the 2025 Ecolint Creative Awards, you are invited to complete the form here and submit it as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday 31 October 2024. For further information, please refer to the Jury Handbook.


You'll find here the Frequently Asked Questions about the Ecolint Creative Awards. 

Would you have any additional question, please don't hesitate to contact us:

How to submit entries?

All entries may be submitted on the submission form. You may also contact to receive the link to the form over email. In the form, you will be asked for your personal information and a file containing your submission.

Do I have to submit an statement about my entry?

Yes, to give your audience a better understanding of you and your entry.

Is there a word limit for my statement?

Yes, around 300 words.

What should I include in my statement?

Anything that is related to your entry, you, your inspiration, the process, your background, etc.

What language do I have to submit my entry in?

You may submit it in English or French.

Do the members of a group have to be from the same campus?

You do not have to be from the same campus; you can work with students from any of the three campuses.

If we are a group, do we have to submit an individual form or a group form?

A group form; one form per participating group.

Where can you find help if I have questions?

You can inquire by email:

If the lyrics are in a language other than English or French, do I submit the lyrics in the original language or their translation?

You must submit the original lyrics; you may also attach a translation into English/French.

Who is eligible?

The Creative Awards are open to:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Parents
Can I submit an entry that has been submitted before or that has won a previous award?


Can I submit my TED Talk in an audio file?

TED Talks have to be submitted as a shared link to an video clip on YouTube. The video on YouTube should be at least 'public but unlisted'.

If I submit a film, does the cast all have to be students?

No, the cast can be anybody.

Can we submit a film as a group?

Yes, you may create and submit a film as a group.

Is there a limit to the age of the cast?

No, the cast may be of any age.

Can my film be of any genre?

Yes, although it must revolve around one of the three themes of the Centenary

Can I send/ship my entries to the school?

No, only digitally entries are to be submitted.

When will the awards be announced?

The awards will be announced and given out at the end of June 2025, in a school ceremony.