University & Career Guidance

From Primary to Secondary school, our students benefit from comprehensive educational support. The Guidance Department for Secondary students provides help and advice for university and career paths and the appropriate subject and diploma choices to achieve those goals.  

High School Profiles

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On all three campuses, our students and their parents benefit from intensive guidance during their Secondary School years.

With a focus on career exploration and preparation for post-secondary education, the guidance staff works with each student on their course choices, summer school opportunities, as well as university requirements and applications. With particularly extensive knowledge of the UK, North American and Swiss university systems which are the destinations for most of our students, we also provide expert knowledge of universities around the world, reflecting our international character. See our students' College and University choice

Students can participate in exam preparation sessions (SAT and IB Diploma Programme) and in university guidance workshops in support of their university applications as well as meeting frequently with guidance staff on an individual basis.

All campuses receive visits from many university admissions representatives and students can participate in tours of British universities organized by the school.