Our Guiding Statements

As an international school with strong humanitarian values and long-standing history, we stand by our founding principles and are committed to reviewing and complementing them in order to continually do better than our previous best while remaining true to our mission


Ecolint's mission is to "educate students to be global citizens with the courage and capacity to create a just and joyful tomorrow together".
Our aim at the International School of Geneva is to provide a distinctive high quality international education...
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Ecolint Definition of High Quality Learning and Teaching
At Ecolint, we see ourselves as a community of learners encompassing both children and adults. We recognize the capacity of each individual to engage in a meaningful and personally challenging learning journey...
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Ecolint Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
At Ecolint we provide a high quality inclusive international education based on the principles of equality and solidarity among all peoples and the equal value of all human beings. An education for peace...
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Ecolint Definition of Intercultural Learning and Global Citizenship
Ecolint promotes intercultural learning and an education for global citizenship that is inclusive, ethical, interconnected and respectful of students’ individual backgrounds. We nurture our students’ autonomy, agency and capacity...
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Charter of the Foundation of the International School of Geneva
The Charter of the Foundation of the International School of Geneva outlines the key statutes, structures and aims of our school. It also contains the regulations of our Governing Board. 
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We have developed five strategy ambitions to ensure that Ecolint continues to be at the forefront of international education, maintaining our tradition of excellence and quest to do better than our previous best.
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