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Latest News

All the latest news from the International School of Geneva.

General News - 01/12/2016
Imagine never having heard the voice of your loved one. This may seem like an impossible challenge. Hearing is something we take for granted and...
General News - 14/11/2016
Discover our differences! Come into the classrooms and get a glimpse of our school life. Click here for more information
General News - 04/07/2016
We hope it's not so much au revoir, as à bientôt, for even as the graduates scatter to the four corners of the planet, they become members of our...
General News - 30/06/2016
Planète Mars, 2032. Suite à une pluie de météorites, le générateur d’énergie de la station récemment construite sur la planète rouge a été gravement...