Thursday 17 Oct 2019

Standing-room Only at the 11th Annual Unison Concert

The eleventh annual Foundation Unison concert took place this year at Campus des Nations on Saturday 12th October. It was standing-room only as over 400 family members and staff came together to witness the extraordinary creative output of just a few days’ rehearsal time for the 170 performers.

With a theme of Dance, the repertoire ranged from renaissance orchestral numbers to choral arrangements of Justin Timberlake, taking in Ravel, rumba, Broadway and pop, and with the choir moving in time to the music in routines brilliantly choreographed by the music staff.

One of the few events which brings together students from all three campuses, the event once again showcased the breathtaking talent of our students and music teachers, and the extraordinary results that Ecolintians of all ages achieve when they work together, in Unison.


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