Tuesday 02 Apr 2019

Learning to Love Forests One Word at a Time

On today’s International Children’s Book Day (ICBD), the International School of Geneva celebrates by looking back on a series of stories created by students who were inspired to put pen to paper on the theme of learning to love forests. 

In March, students from La Grande Boissière Middle School took part in the commemoration of the International Day of Forests, a global awareness-raising event that called on everyone, student and adult, young and old, to get involved and play a role in ensuring the sustainable use of forests, halting deforestation and restoring degraded landscapes. 

As part of a competition held by the Geneva office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Ecolint students joined their peers from other schools in a friendly essay and drawing contest. Sixty-two entries were submitted. Among those sent in by Ecolint students were stories, letters, comics and even rap lyrics, testament to the creativity, imagination and passion that drove each and every submission. 

The winning students for each of the contests received their prizes in the presence of ambassadors and other senior United Nations officials at an FAO event at the Palais des Nations. The top winners of the essay competition were invited to read their essays to the panel of experts gathered on that day. 

At the International School of Geneva, we are delighted to announce that five of our students were among the winners of each contest. Special congratulations go to Year 6 student Lucas for coming first in the essay competition with his story Jack’s Tree, which tells the story of the healing power of trees. 

On International Children’s Book Day, the world contemplates the power of books to help us slow down, pause, think, learn and, just as important, simply enjoy a good story. With the need to reconsider the way the world treats trees and forests as the primary message of their stories, Ecolint students seized the power of the written word and transformed it into a call to action. 

At Ecolint, we trust that our students’ call for greater protection of trees today will one day result in healthy forests the world over. As student Charlotte concludes in a letter to her future self “We live because of our forests.” With the power of their words, these students will never forget that. 

The essay winners are: 

  1. Lucas of the International School of Geneva – Jack’s Tree
  2. Chloe of the Institut International de Lancy – International Day of Forests Essay
  3. Karla of the International School of Geneva – Forests 
  4. Ibrahim of the International School of Geneva – "Life on land, save the trees" (a rap) 
  5. Charlotte of the International School of Geneva – The future of forests 


The drawing winners are: 

  1. Varavara of the Institut International de Lancy 
  2. Catherine of the Institut International de Lancy 
  3. Hannah of the Institut International de Lancy 
  4. Satine of the International School of Geneva 

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