Tuesday 02 Jul 2019

Ecolint’s Teacher Training Goes Global – An International Cooperation Project

On 22-26 April 2019, Life Lab Education and Research Foundation, in collaboration with La Grande Boissière’s STEM Centre and CERN, organised the first-ever South Asia Science Education Programme (SASEP) in New Delhi, for 82 teachers from India and its neighbouring countries including Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The five-day event was held at Shiv Nadar School, Noida, and included a reception for all at the Swiss Embassy in the city. The training empowered teachers with 21st century knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary STEM fields.

Modules included themes such as Concept-Based Teaching and Learning; Principles of Learning and Integrating STEM Education Pedagogy; STEM Project-Based Learning; Education through the Arts, Movement and Mindfulness; Teaching and Learning for Inclusion; Service Learning; and Elementary Particle Physics in Early Physics Education.

Throughout the five-day training, participants gained and perfected their skills in cross-disciplinary teaching, the development of student-centred curricula, the incorporation of social skills in education, as well as character development in students.

The team of six international trainers was led by Marie-France Labelle, the STEM Director at La Grande Boissière and Jeff Wiener, a staff scientist managing CERN’s national and international teacher training programmes. Other trainers included Stephen Burke (Physics), Amanda Linden (Theatre), Estefania Medina Martinez (Learning Support), and Maxime Miraillet (Robotics). 

In 2020, the team will continue the project in Bhutan! 

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