Monday 27 Jan 2020

Ecolint Artists Take the Stage at artgenève

Since 1924, Ecolint has set the standard for international education with an approach that values creativity and human expression in all their forms, and the central role they play in learning. Whether studied as part of the curriculum, taken as an extracurricular activity, or practised as an everyday passion, art is one of the cornerstones of an education at Ecolint.

From 30 January to 2 February, Ecolint’s budding artists will have their artwork on display at the 9th edition of artgenève. Placing itself at the forefront of contemporary art, modern art and contemporary design, this art exhibition hosts international galleries, public and private collections, independent curators, as well as institutions such as schools and art colleges.

At Ecolint, we believe that the visual arts serve as a bridge to connect humanity, which is why the theme “Human Conditions” was chosen as the narrative thread for our stand at artgenève. Created by artists from each of our three campuses, exhibited artwork will showcase the types of artistic learning that take place in the different curricula, diplomas and certificates taught at Ecolint:  

Artist Pablo Picasso once said that “every child is an artist.” At Ecolint, we couldn’t agree more, and our 95-year history has taught us that the arts are vital for us to thrive in, adapt to and shape the world we share. In line with this, we strive to impress in each and every one of our students an education for peace and the values of inclusiveness, respect and intercultural understanding, so that every child can also become an ambassador for humanity.

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