Thursday 06 Dec 2018

Ecolint and the Origins of the IB

The International Baccalaureate has been celebrating its 50th birthday this year, commemorating the success and uniqueness of the IB curriculum, a programme that has gone global and is now offered in 5'000 schools across more than 150 countries. 

Philip Thomas, who joined the International School of Geneva in 1963 to teach Geography and Economics, and who stayed at Ecolint 35 years serving as Head of Department, Campus Head and Assistant Director General, has written a booklet about Ecolint's pivotal role in the creation of the IB, tracing the history of its origins and detailing how the IB programme came together. 

From the exploratory stages in Geneva in the mid-sixties, to the development period and the first sitting of the IB exams in 1968, Mr. Thomas gives an engaging account of the collaboration, exchange, and research that went into the design of the IB programme as we know it.

Read the booklet here.

Watch the video Ecolint participated in below.  

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