Thursday 03 Oct 2019

CoLab: The New Heart of Campus des Nations

Wide open spaces with rays of natural light. Curious seats of all shapes and sizes as well as high and low tables. Silent learning areas and collaboration pods. This is learning in the newly inaugurated CoLab, Campus des Nations’ learning centre.

Collaboration is the keyword. It lies behind the learning centre’s name, CoLab: the result of a student-led competition that saw over 180 entries. Minchae, Year 8, came up with the winning name. Built over the summer months in what used to house the library, the space itself was designed following consultations with the Student Council, who explained that students needed a variety of environments to work in. 

Now, students at Campus des Nations can find a quiet place to study, source books for their assignments, meet with staff, or put their heads together in one of four cube-shaped learning pods. This latest addition is ideal for students to work together to wrestle with a problem, run through a presentation, or compare notes: all without disturbing their peers in the room. 

Aligned with the design principles that guide all development projects at Ecolint, this new learning centre is all at once child-centred, beautiful, inclusive, collaborative, ecological, high performing, engaging, secure and made to promote learning.  

Campus des Nations Secondary School Principal Jamie Williams explained that this new centre is not meant to be a simple library, nor just a place to study, but rather it was designed to become the new heart of Campus des Nations. The space is built to foster teamwork, inclusivity, active learning, and academic achievement, explained Williams. It was designed as a heart that will beat in rhythm with that of the Ecolint community.  

Recently, students, parents and staff gathered at the learning centre’s inauguration to explore its different functions. Naturally, curiosity peaked many to test the new collaboration pods, while others browsed the bookshelves or tested the different seating options. Jamie Williams hinted that a future visit may yield a new layout of the CoLab as all the installations are designed to be movable, to change and to flow with the needs of the school’s community. 

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