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General News - 12/08/2020
For 21st century educators, the role and plurality of language and literacies have never been greater. At La Grande Boissière Middle School, they are
General News - 17/07/2020
Faces cover the wall of one of La Châtaigneraie’s art classes. Behind them looms the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. This striking piece of art was
Einstein in Berline
Historical Highlights - 14/07/2020
On the 17th December, 1927, Albert Einstein (who by then had revolutionised the scientific world with his Special Theory of Relativity, and had won
General News - 28/05/2020
Pillars of our Institute of Learning and Teaching and key drivers of our goal to share Ecolint’s expertise in international education with the world
Historical Highlights - 18/05/2020
In 1903-04, the future great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and Adolf Hitler, who were born a few days apart, both attended the same lower secondary
General News - 23/04/2020
As the world mobilises to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the students of Ecolint have rallied to do their part by honouring those on the front
General News - 05/03/2020
In the modern day, no single discipline is the answer to the problems the world faces. At Campus des Nations, where the International Baccalaureate
General News - 24/02/2020
On International Mother Language Day , the children of Ecolint took part in the celebrations of linguistic diversity happening across the world.
General News - 27/01/2020
Since 1924, Ecolint has set the standard for international education with an approach that values creativity and human expression in all their forms