Thursday 06 Apr 2017

Announcing the 8th Annual Special Educational Needs Conference

Joining organisations around the world to raise awareness about autism, we are taking the opportunity to announce our upcoming 8th Annual Special Educational Needs Conference on “Embracing Autism: Strengthening Relationships through Improved Communication” on 29 April at the Centre des arts

Gaining insights into the “why” of anxious behaviour often observed in children and youth with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), participants will understand how the student with ASD responds to anxiety in their classrooms, therapy groups or at home, and how they can best support them through communication. 

Our speakers include:

Christine Breede-Schechter, from the Centre Trampoline in Geneva, who specialises in language delay, auditory processing difficulties, phonological disorders, developmental verbal apraxia, stuttering, attention deficit disorder, pragmatic communication difficulties and ASD. She will give a talk entitled “Parents Are Key: How do we think about promoting development with the help of parents and why should we?”
Karen Guldberg, Senior Lecturer in Autism Studies at the University of Birmingham, Director of the Autism Centre for Education and Research and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Karen conducts real-world research in the classroom, with a focus on pedagogy, social learning and the specific learning needs of children with autism. She will give a presentation on “Using technology creatively to enable social communication and emotional regulation”. 
Sarah Hendrickx, member of the National Autistic Society’s Accreditation Standards Panel, and herself diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. A keynote autism speaker at national autism conferences in the UK and abroad, she specialises in autism and Asperger syndrome, with emphasis on the areas of relationships, women, gender differences, employment and alcohol. Her talk will focus on “Autism in Girls and Women: Developing Social and Personal Relationships”. 

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This conference is organised with the generous support of the SASA Setton Foundation. 

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