With full time Directors of Sport on all three campuses, we offer an extremely rich and varied sports programme which is open to all students regardless of their sporting prowess. Currently over 2,000 students participate every week in one or more extra- curricular sporting activities.


Sports+ programme for elite athletes now available on our three campuses for students from Year 7 onwards (from Primary years at Campus des Nations).
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We consider sport to be highly important, benefitting students’ physical health and teaching important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and respect. Whilst we are always pleased when our teams bring back trophies, our focus is on teaching young people to enjoy participating in sport, and we also believe that learning to deal with the challenge and disappointment of not winning is highly beneficial.

Our professional coaches are educators who actively contribute to the educational goals of our Foundation. They are always attentive that each participant:

  • Takes pleasure in a sporting activity
  • Makes new friends and develops social skills
  • Improves their levels of fitness
  • Understands the principles from training sessions and is able to apply them to competitions (e.g. attendance, punctuality, concentration, listening, respect towards team-mates, staff and opponents)

Proposed competitive sports

  • football
  • basketball
  • athletics
  • badminton
  • gymnastics
  • skiing
  • volleyball
  • netball
  • cheerleading
  • rugby


Most of our teams train once or twice a week with qualified and experienced coaches who are specialized in their sport. The trainings are organised by age group and teams compete regularly throughout the year in tournaments or championships.


Ecolint belongs to several school sports leagues in the Lake Geneva area and beyond:

  • The Ligue du Lac includes six schools located near Lake Geneva
  • The ADISR includes all private schools in the French speaking part of Switzerland
  • SGIS represents all international schools in Switzerland.

We have also established partnerships with a number of European and international schools and each year we play international tournaments abroad in most sports. Finally, our three campuses also organise inter-campus sporting events to complete the offer.


Everyone is welcome in every sport and can participate in our competition programme. If we have many students in a category, we create several teams with several coaches. The best team will play in the more advanced competitions; other teams participate in local tournaments or inter-campus events.

Discover the Sports+ Programme

At Ecolint, balancing an academically rigorous curriculum with a demanding, elite sports life is possible thanks to our Sports+ Programme. Our school is the first and only international school in Switzerland to offer this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Opened at Campus des Nations since 2017 for students from Year 7 onwards, the programme will be available on our three campuses from September 2022 (on our Campus des Nations, the programme is opened to Primary School students).

Interested? Watch the video below or contact Sports+ Director Antoine Laffay at

Through personalised coaching and close partnerships with local clubs and federations as well as with the world-renowned Sports Medicine department of the Hôpital de La Tour, Sports+ enables students to gain self-confidence as well as self-knowledge, to develop physically and mentally, and to acquire principles of rigour, organisation and work that will guide them throughout their lives.

Integrated within the framework of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, the Sports+ programme encourages students to surpass themselves both academically and athletically, including in disciplines outside of the school’s curricular or extracurricular sports. 

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We have also developed relationships with local sports associations. The high level young athletes who want to progress even further will be directed to the best clubs in Geneva.