SLN Themes for 2019

1) Environment

      Examples:   Environmental crisis management
                         Climate change policy and practice
                         Preservation of endangered species
                        The use and sharing of nuclear energy

2) Human Rights

      Examples:  The status of women / pornography
                        Religious / racial / political persecution
                        Refugees / immigration quotas/ human trafficking
                        Freedom of speech / press / internet
                        Emergency / anti-terrorism legislation

3) International Relations / Development

      Examples:  International aid / Third world debt
                        IMF/ Deficit reduction / Unemployment
                        Trade imbalances / Developing economies
                        Multinational trade agreements (TISA, TTIP)
                        Global economic and financial crisis management                    

4) International Security

     Examples:   The role of Security Council / General Assembly
                        Proliferation and development of chemical / nuclear weapons
                        Intelligence sharing and cooperation against terrorist organisations
                        Electronic surveillance / cyber-terrorism / electronic warfare


- Each delegation must submit a typed resolution which addresses one of the above themes, from the point of view of the delegation’s government. 
- Resolutions must comply with the standard format (see model resolution): font size no smaller than 10pt. and one A4 page in length. 
- The deadline for submission of resolutions is the 28th October. 
- Resolutions should be saved electronically for eventual modification should they be selected.