SLN - Request for Right to the Floor

  • Resolution 1 - Italy
    About the creation of a multilateral fund of 1% from all Member States’ existing contributions to unsustainable debt relief.
  • Resolution 2 - Australia
    About the creation of a United Nations Commission on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (UNCLAW) for the banning of the use and production of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs)
  • Resolution 3 - China
    About the creation of a United Nations Humanitarian Intelligence and Detection Agency (UNHIDA) in order to coordinate multilateral efforts against terrorism.
  • Resolution 4 - United Kingdom
    About the creation of an  International Office for Electoral Moderation (IOEM) for the fair execution of electoral processes
  • Resolution 5 - Sweden
    About the establishment of a United Nations Refugee Allocation Association (UNRAA) for a fair allocation of refugees amongst the member nations