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Chemistry laboratories
Language classrooms & Library
Pedagogical pathway

Extended Support Programme
Event chairs

Water fountains
Outdoor music instruments
Outdoor clocks
ESP post-16 unit


    Chemistry laboratories – Le Salève building
    CHF 450,000 – CHF 500,000 / Ref: chems labs / Summer 2017 to Fall 2018

    Built in 1978, our science labs are outdated and were designed for education methods that are now of the past. Refurbishing these labs complete the renovation programme started a few years ago in the Salève Science Building and will serve as a great addition to the recently completed STEM Centre.

    2 LGB students working in outdated Salève chemistry labs

    Language classrooms & Library – Le Grand Bâtiment
    CHF 250,000 – CHF 350,000 / Ref: Lang rooms & lib / Summer 2018

    • Language classrooms: Provide a more comfortable education work environment by transforming existing small classrooms into larger ones. Potentially adds 2 new classrooms
    • Library: Renovate the existing library to face the challenges of an education of the 21st century. Update the media technologies and learning facilities. Provide new furniture and new workspaces

    LGB student working in current Secondary library

    Pedagogical pathway through our forest - GENEROUSLY FUNDED BY A FAMILY WITHIN THE ECOLINT COMMUNITY

    CHF 30,000 – CHF 35,000 / Summer 2017

    Ecolint is the only school in Geneva to have a real forest on its land at the heart of the city. It is a unique opportunity to teach children about the role of nature and wildlife, the impact of human activity on nature and the importance of its preservation. 

    • Building of a new pedestrian pathway with wood chips made from recycled trees from the campus. Wooden information signs displayed in the forest, wooden seats, benches and tables
    • Regeneration of the existing woods in partnership with the Geneva Nature & Forest department


    Elevator (for the future ESP)  – Alps building
    CHF 190,000 – CHF 210,000 / Ref: ESP Elevator / Summer 2017

    During summer 2017, we aim to build an elevator in the main staircase of the historical Alps building. This project is crucial if we want to ensure access to upper floors which is currently impossible to part of our community with mobility challenges. It is also planned in order to enable us to create at a later stage an Extended Support Programme for the Secondary school (2018). It will also bring comfort and security for those who need to transport heavy or bulky objects to upper floors

    La Chât elevator in the Secondary school for the ESP​ programme​

    Extended Support Programme, Secondary – Alps building
    CHF 550,000 – CHF 600,000 / Ref: ESP La Chât / Summer 2018 

    The aim of this project is to provide an ESP structure to the Secondary school, the only one missing within our 3 campuses. In 2018, this new facility will welcome our first ESP Primary graduates. It will be located near the current secondary learning centre inside the ALPS building. In order to create it, we need to reallocate our current spaces. We will convert the existing offices and entrance lobby into one large classroom, convert small classrooms into larger ones and add new accessible WC and a kitchenette.

    La Chât students of the ESP programme

    Events chairs – Entire campus
    CHF 120,000 – CHF 130,000 / Ref: Chairs / Summer 2017

    There is a necessity to replace the current old and unsuitable chairs used for events such as graduations, guest speakers, assemblies, etc. by 700 new ones and their trolleys.
    We aim to provide comfort to our community when they attend our events, increasing the security level with more suitable and efficient attachment systems and improve the general visual aspect.

    La Chât students needing new event chairs


    Water fountains – Saconnex and Pregny playgrounds
    CHF 50,000 – CHF 70,000 / Ref: Water fount / Summer 2017

    This project aims to provide drinking water points to the students in the playground of Pregny and Saconnex. At the moment our students need to collect water from the different indoor points which is not really practical especially when doing outdoor sport or activities. 

    Nations student using a much needed water fountain

    Outdoor musical instrument – Pregny building – FUNDED !
    CHF 10,000 – CHF 20,000 / REF: Musical inst / Summer 2017 

    Pregny has lately greatly improve its playground with the installation of facilities such as the outdoor classroom, new climbing games, etc. and we would like to continue with our efforts with additional items.
    One of our next projects is the implementation of musical outdoor instruments, mainly made of wood.

    Nations students playing with outdoor musical instruments

    Outdoor clocks – Saconnex and Pregny buildings - GENEROUSLY FUNDED BY A FAMILY WITHIN THE ECOLINT COMMUNITY
    CHF 5,000 – CHF 7,500 / Ref: Outdoor clock / Summer 2017

    We are planning to install 2 large clocks for Grand-Saconnex and 3 medium ones for Pregny. These clocks do not require cabling are self-adjustable with the radio signal. They come with a lithium battery which last for many years

    Extended Support Programme, Post 16 Unit – Saconnex building
    CHF 60,000 – CHF 70,000 / Ref: ESP Post 16 / Summer 2017

    Our Extended Support Programme structure provides highly personalised learning pathways for the students. In the post 16 unit, we are teaching life skills and preparing students to become autonomous when leaving school. Part of this involves creating an environment that is more adapted for young adults and a flexible learning environment for both collaborative and individualised work. 

    Nations concept room for the ESP programme