Our current projects



The Ecolint Universal Learner Passport Scholarships
CHF 120,000 per student over a 3 year period / ref : EULPS / Ongoing

In Ecolint’s earliest years, thanks to the generosity of the Forstall family, the first scholarship was offered to 15 students to allow them to study at Ecolint. These original scholarship students obviously benefited from the novel and visionary educational experience Ecolint had to offer, but they also enriched the school immeasurably, with positive repercussions that are still felt to this day.

Today, we aim to relaunch a scholarship programme for students who have experienced hardship and come from backgrounds not represented at Ecolint today, who show exceptional promise and potential, who have demonstrated qualities that would enrich the school and who would be unable to attend without a full scholarship.

The Ecolint Universal Learner Passport Scholarships will give students the international outlook and qualifications to enable them to continue studying and live as international citizens wherever they choose to settle. Contact us

Guest Speakers Series

Based in a safe, peaceful and prosperous environment, Ecolint is determined that its students never lose sight of the radically different realities that so many others in the world experience on a daily basis. As a result, we feel it is important to expose them to first hand testimony from people with personal stories that challenge their world view. The Guest Speakers Series is the ideal means for this, and talks have so far covered topics as diverse and wide ranging as environmental issues, race relations, human and civil rights, conflict and reconciliation, science, homelessness and even philosophy and history. Click here to learn more / Contact us 



    La Grande Boissière – Sports Centre project
    CHF 22,600,000 / REF: Sports Centre / Pending final approval from the Governing Board in March 2019

    Built in the 1970s, the Sports Hall must be replaced as it no longer meets users’ needs nor current standards. Enrolment in our extracurricular activities, in particular, has increased by 166% in recent years. Designed on six floors, the new Sports Centre will offer students, parents and visitors spacious and and modern gym rooms, modular spaces, classrooms, a cafeteria, an infirmary, storage facilities, as well as direct covered access to the adjacent Centre des arts in an effort to promote transdisciplinary approaches. Contact us to learn more

    LGB Sports Centre project

    Primary School - Early Years playground enhancement
    CHF 200,000 / REF: Primary Playground / Summer 2019

    Our youngest students have been needing a new outdoor playground since the relocation of the Early Years from the Grande Villa to the Château. Outdoor activities and learning through play are an essential part of the day for 3-4 year-olds and need careful planning and design. The estimated cost is indicative and will be confirmed after the appointment of a project architect.

    Primary School - Cover for the football pitch
    CHF 160,000 / REF: Football Pitch / Summer 2019

    Given the rapid development of sports activities both as part of the curriculum and beyond (extracurricular activities, Ecolint Camps) and the growing demand for more outdoor facilities throughout the year, a study was carried out to explore the possibility of sheltering the small synthetic pitch used by the Primary school near the Château. This would allow Primary students to have a covered outdoor play area in case of bad weather. The possibility to rent this new facility would also allow the school to spread the costs over time.

    Secondary School - Resurfacing and cover for the basketball court
    CHF 75,000 and 160’000 / REF: Basketball Court / Summer 2019

    Our campus needs to increase the number of outdoors sports facilities that can be used throughout year-round. We would therefore want to build a cover over the basketball court in addition to renovating its flooring. It could then also be used as an alternative while the Sports Centre is under construction (see above) and sports areas are temporarily unavailable. The roofing is estimated at CHF 160,000 and the flooring at CHF 75,000.




    Seating for our new sports pitch
    CHF 235,000 / REF: Sports Seating / Summer 2019

    As part of our project to resurface our synthetic sports field, we have decided to build stands that will allow everyone (parents, students and supporters) to better enjoy the achievements of our sports teams. This will include the construction of a wall along the embankment side to build approximately 80 metres of stands.

    Bike shelters and bicycle repair station
    CHF 20,000 / REF: Bike Repair / 2019

    Although our campus already offers a large number of bicycle shelters, we are seeing a growing number of students as well as staff coming to the campus by bicycle. We must therefore increase our capacity with two additional bicycle shelters of 10 meters, and would also like to provide an outdoor covered self-service bicycle repair station with tools and spare parts.

    La Chât Bike Shelter and Repair Station image

    Secondary School, Salle Poly - Additional staging decks
    CHF 14,000 / REF: Staging Desks / 2019

    Our 22 multi-purpose decks, although very convenient for our class projects and small scale productions, are not sufficient for larger performances in the Theatre and Salle Poly. We hope to purchase more staging equipment to have larger stages.

    Secondary School - The sustainability room (Leman building)
    CHF 25,000 / Ref: Sustainability Room / Fall 2018

    Built environment has significant impact on the students’ well-being, creativity, and learning. A collaborative project between teachers, students, administration and services techniques, the transformation of this room will be a testing ground for sustainable approaches. Some key changes to the room will be: improved acoustics, dimmable LED lighting, warmer flooring, natural materials, a more spacious layout with learning zones for independent study and group activities, new interactive screen and sound system, wooden frames for student work, and an entire wall (whiteboard) for planning and collaboration. Contact us

    Secondary school – The Fabrication Lab
    CHF 200,000 – CHF 250,000 / Ref: Fab Lab / Fall 2018

    A Fab Lab is a place for learning and innovation. It means equipping a room with tools and computer programmes in order to create all kinds of objects through digital processes. All Fab Labs share common tools and processes, and students will be connected to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators. We will need the following equipment: 3D printer, computer-controlled milling or turning machines, microprocessor and digital electronics design, assembly, and test stations, laser, plasma and water jet cutter. Contact us

    Secondary School, Theater - Ultra short throw projector
    CHF 4,000 / REF: Projector / 2019

    As part of our stage productions, we use an ultra short throw projector, which we will soon be able to control using a programming software called QLab. We hope to acquire a second projector to enable our students to expand their learning opportunities in the areas of set programming and lighting. As our theatre is relatively small, only a projector with a short or ultra short throw can project large images onto the stage background.

    Secondary School - Music department enhancement
    CHF 464,000 / REF: Music Enhance / Summer 2019

    A victim of its own success, our music department has seen the number of students wishing to pursue high-level musical training double since 2005. As a result, we need more space. In addition to building storage space for instruments, this project seeks to convert the five existing small rooms into two larger rehearsal rooms that can accommodate ensembles of more than five musicians. In addition, the acoustics of the performance venue will be enhanced in order to provide better conditions for concerts.

    Secondary School, Theatre and Salle Poly –  New sound system
    CHF 60,000 / REF: Theatre Poly / 2019

    The Theatre Department is now creating big, exciting productions in our Theatre/Salle Poly space with up to date, industry standard lighting and projection equipment. However the sound system in the space is somewhat outdated (installed in 1995) and subsequently needs replacing in order to provide the best quality sound for our students’ theatre classes, productions, presentations and exams.

    Secondary School, Theatre and Salle Poly –  New sound system


    Extended Support Programme, Post 16 Unit – Saconnex building
    CHF 60,000 – CHF 70,000 / Ref: ESP Post 16 / Summer 2018

    Our Extended Support Programme structure provides highly personalised learning pathways for the students. In the post 16 unit, we are teaching life skills and preparing students to become autonomous when leaving school. Part of this involves creating an environment that is more adapted for young adults and a flexible learning environment for both collaborative and individualised work. Contact us

    This refurbishment would include :

    • New furniture more suitable for adult size
    • Moveable collaborative work zones
    • Spaces and furniture’s flexibility are important to adapt the facility to the numbers of students and to their needs.

    Nations concept room for the ESP programme

    Exterior bicycle racks and charging station
    CHF 170,000 / REF: Bike Racks / Summer 2019

    More and more students and staff chose bicycle or scooter as transportation to come to the campus. We are looking to modernise the current bicycle rack area to offer covered spaces for up to 60-70 bicycles and 6 racks for scooters close to the entrance area. The aim is also to provide charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars. Mini wind turbines or solar panels can provide the energy for the charging stations and serve as a sustainable educational project for the students.