How to make a gift?

Methods of payment

Accepted currencies: CHF, EUR, GBP, USD

IMPORTANT: Whatever the chosen method of payment, please specify the destination of your donation (using the reference "3996-name-of-the-project") so that we can attribute your gift to the project you wish. Gift without specification will be used for any of the school's development projects.

Online gift

Choose the project(s) you wish to support: 

Foundation | La Grande Boissière | La Châtaigneraie | Campus des Nations


Payable to: International School of Geneva

Send to: International School of Geneva, Development, Route de Chêne 62, 1208 Genève, Suisse

Do not forget to add the reference (see "IMPORTANT" above)

Payment slip ("Bulletin de versement")

Download here

Do not forget to add the reference (see "IMPORTANT" above)

Bank transfer

Account holder: Foundation of the International School of Geneva
Bank: UBS, rue du Rhône, 1202 Genève, Suisse
Account Nr: 240-289946.22Z
IBAN: CH22 0024 0240 2899 4622 Z

Do not forget to add the reference (see "IMPORTANT" above)



& by cheque

Online: by credit card on the Ecolint-American Foundation website
By cheque: payable to the Ecolint-American Foundation
Ms Luanne Samuel, president
Ecolint-American Foundation
5824 Steeplechase Drive, Plano
TX 75093 United States
Please contact Luanne Samuel directly with any question:
tel. +1 646 707 4240

Do not forget to add the reference (see "IMPORTANT" above)


For all other types of donations (legacy, endowment fund, etc.) please contact Brian Wahlen at

If you have questions on the Centre des arts' seats, please contact

Matching Gift Scheme

Did you know that some companies match your donations or even double them? You can find a non-exhaustive list here

Please check with your employer if they have a matching gift scheme. Very often your company would either match or double your donation just by filling in a form - It is just that easy! If you are not sure if your company has a matching gift policy, you can search their name here:

Switzerland: Personal and Corporate Tax Deductibility for Donations

The International School of Geneva is a Swiss public service foundation. Consequently, donations made to this Foundation can benefit from tax deductions. 

If the gift is a cash gift, no particular formal contract is required. If the gift is of property, the contract must be formal and notarised and registered with the Registre foncier. The donation is made when the donor transfers the gift to the Foundation.

Whether you are an individual or a company giving to Ecolint, you may deduct your gift up to 20% of your net income at the Canton level (impot cantonal) and at the Confederation level (impot fédéral). E.g. if your annual net income is CHF 100,000.-, you may deduct up to CHF 20,000 in donation. As a result, and on top of helping our students, if your tax bracket is 15%, your gift will only cost you CHF 17,000.

The deduction percentage and the final tax amount that you may save may vary between Cantons, so please contact your tax advisor for further information.

Federal tax 

Cantonal taxes  

Taxation in the US

If you are a US taxpayer, you can make tax deductible gift to:

  • The Ecolint-American Foundation, which is recognised as a Private Non-operating Foundation under Section 501(c)(3) (US Tax ID 23-7056392).

The Ecolint-American Foundation, Inc


The close relationship between the US and Ecolint is symbolised by the Ecolint-American Foundation which brings together graduates and friends of Ecolint who give of their time and experience to encourage and facilitate support from the United States.
The Ecolint-American Foundation was incorporated in 1968 and is an American  501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation (EI# 23-7056392) dedicated to charitable and educational purposes. As an independent charity, the Ecolint American Foundation makes and monitors grants in a manner that allows US donors to benefit from charitable deductions available to US taxpayers.
The Ecolint-American Foundation is independent of the school. The Board of the Ecolint-American Foundation ensures that it remains in full control of monies received, determining which projects are deserving of support, and ensuring that all funds granted for approved projects are used solely in furtherance of Ecolint-American Foundation’s charitable and educational purposes.
Ecolint-American Foundation website


IRA for US Citizens
Did you know that if you are a US citizen and over 70 and a half years old you can benefit from an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) if you make a donation to the Ecolint-American Foundation?

A gift to the Ecolint-American Foundation can satisfy all or part the amount of your required minimum distribution from your IRA. For example, if your 2018 required minimum distribution was USD 10,000, and you made a USD 5,000 gift to us, you would have had to withdraw only another USD 5,000 to satisfy your 2014 required minimum distribution.

More information here

If you’re able to give, 2020 has new advantages thanks to the CARES Act:

  1. A universal charitable deduction for gifts up to USD 300 if you don’t itemize anymore
  2. No deductibility limit for gifts up to 100% of your adjusted gross income if you do itemize
  3. The ability of corporations to deduct gifts up to 25% of their taxable income (instead of 10%). 

More information:

EDcertified status from NGO Source

NGO Source LogoWith an #EDcertified status from @NGOsource, our organisation is now certified as equivalent to a US public charity.

We look forward to the new funding opportunities this #equivalencydetermination will bring the organisation, so we can continue the work we do in our communities!

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