La Grande Boissière projects


La Grande Boissière – Sports Centre project
CHF 22,600,000 / REF: Sports Centre / Pending final approval from the Governing Board in March 2019

Built in the 1970s, the Sports Hall must be replaced as it no longer meets users’ needs nor current standards. Enrolment in our extracurricular activities, in particular, has increased by 166% in recent years. Designed on six floors, the new Sports Centre will offer students, parents and visitors spacious and and modern gym rooms, modular spaces, classrooms, a cafeteria, an infirmary, storage facilities, as well as direct covered access to the adjacent Centre des arts in an effort to promote transdisciplinary approaches. Contact us to learn more

LGB Sports Centre project

Primary School - Early Years playground enhancement
CHF 200,000 / REF: Primary Playground / Summer 2019

Our youngest students have been needing a new outdoor playground since the relocation of the Early Years from the Grande Villa to the Château. Outdoor activities and learning through play are an essential part of the day for 3-4 year-olds and need careful planning and design. The estimated cost is indicative and will be confirmed after the appointment of a project architect.

Primary School - Cover for the football pitch
CHF 160,000 / REF: Football Pitch / Summer 2019

Given the rapid development of sports activities both as part of the curriculum and beyond (extracurricular activities, Ecolint Camps) and the growing demand for more outdoor facilities throughout the year, a study was carried out to explore the possibility of sheltering the small synthetic pitch used by the Primary school near the Château. This would allow Primary students to have a covered outdoor play area in case of bad weather. The possibility to rent this new facility would also allow the school to spread the costs over time.

Secondary School - Resurfacing and cover for the basketball court
CHF 75,000 and 160’000 / REF: Basketball Court / Summer 2019

Our campus needs to increase the number of outdoors sports facilities that can be used throughout year-round. We would therefore want to build a cover over the basketball court in addition to renovating its flooring. It could then also be used as an alternative while the Sports Centre is under construction (see above) and sports areas are temporarily unavailable. The roofing is estimated at CHF 160,000 and the flooring at CHF 75,000.