La Châtaigneraie projects


Ref: La Chât SolarSHOT 21/207.22

The Solar Energy Initiative (SolarSHOT) is Ecolint’s latest commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The core of the project involves building solar farms on the roofs of our schools, installing a total capacity up to ~7000 sq meter and 1’250’000 kWh. Using Renewable Energy as an overarching theme, we will develop transdisciplinary STEM learning experiences within the curriculum. We will weave sustainability concepts (data modelling, problem solving, economics) within existing and new student service projects, engaging students of all ages, as well as local organizations and our alumni community. The project has already begun at the La Châtaigneraie campus, before expanding immediately to the Nations campus and the La Grande Boissière campus.

SolarSHOT donation image