La Châtaigneraie projects


Seating for our new sports pitch
CHF 235,000 / Ref: Sports Seating / Summer 2019

As part of our project to resurface our synthetic sports field, we have decided to build stands that will allow everyone (parents, students and supporters) to better enjoy the achievements of our sports teams. This will include the construction of a wall along the embankment side to build approximately 80 metres of stands.

Bike shelters and bicycle repair station
CHF 20,000 / Ref: Bike Repair / 2019

Although our campus already offers a large number of bicycle shelters, we are seeing a growing number of students as well as staff coming to the campus by bicycle. We must therefore increase our capacity with two additional bicycle shelters of 10 meters, and would also like to provide an outdoor covered self-service bicycle repair station with tools and spare parts.

La Chât Bike Shelter and Repair Station image

Secondary School, Salle Poly - Additional staging decks
CHF 14,000 / Ref: Staging Desks / 2019

Our 22 multi-purpose decks, although very convenient for our class projects and small scale productions, are not sufficient for larger performances in the Theatre and Salle Poly. We hope to purchase more staging equipment to have larger stages.

Secondary School, Theater - Ultra short throw projector
CHF 4,000 / Ref: Projector / 2019

As part of our stage productions, we use an ultra short throw projector, which we will soon be able to control using a programming software called QLab. We hope to acquire a second projector to enable our students to expand their learning opportunities in the areas of set programming and lighting. As our theatre is relatively small, only a projector with a short or ultra short throw can project large images onto the stage background.

Secondary School - Music department enhancement
CHF 441,000 / Ref: Music Enhance / September 2019

A victim of its own success, our music department has seen the number of students wishing to pursue high-level musical training double since 2005. As a result, we need more space. In addition to building storage space for instruments, this project seeks to convert the five existing small rooms into two larger rehearsal rooms that can accommodate ensembles of more than five musicians. In addition, the acoustics of the performance venue will be enhanced in order to provide better conditions for concerts.

Secondary School, Theatre and Salle Poly –  New sound system
CHF 60,000 / Ref: Theatre Poly / 2019

The Theatre Department is now creating big, exciting productions in our Theatre/Salle Poly space with up to date, industry standard lighting and projection equipment. However the sound system in the space is somewhat outdated (installed in 1995) and subsequently needs replacing in order to provide the best quality sound for our students’ theatre classes, productions, presentations and exams.

Secondary School, Theatre and Salle Poly –  New sound system