Supporting Ecolint

Our school is a not-for-profit foundation which is entirely financed by school fees. We solicit our school community to help us bring about essential projects and improvements, as enhancing each aspect of our provision is one of our priorities.

Philanthropy at the heart of our history

Our school owes a large part of its success and reputation to several generations of parents, alumni, philanthropists and friends who have lent us their financial support. Still today we encourage our school community to continue that culture of giving, and to allow future generations of students not only to blossom, but also to stand up for a better world.

What can you do to support Ecolint?

Browse further down the non-exhaustive list of our achievements made possible thanks to the generous support of our community.

Our current projects

Our achievements

The improvements that we have effected on our three campuses thanks to the support of our community ranges from simple landscaping to the construction of essential infrastructures, and innovative educational initiatives. The various projects are financed, in differing proportions in each case, by the Foundation of the International School of Geneva, parents, alumni, staff and corporate partners. We are extremely grateful to all our donors for their constant support and generosity. 

La Grande Boissière campus

  • Renovation of the Greek Theatre
  • Enhancement of the Extended Support Programme
  • Building of an arts centre, the Centre des arts
  • STEM Centre
  • Pedagogical pathway

La Châtaigneraie campus

  • Construction of the Sports Centre
  • Theatre and performance equipment (light, sound, etc.)
  • Fitness trail with exercise stations
  • Extended Support Programme for Secondary students

Campus des Nations

  • Opening of the Saconnex building in 2005
  • Replacement of the much-loved wooden train at Pregny
  • Transformation of the Saconnex aula into a multi-purpose hall

Contact us!

Antonello Barbaro
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
+41 (0)22 787 24 17

62, route de Chêne
1208 Geneva