Ecolint Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

At Ecolint we provide a high quality inclusive international education based on the principles of equality and solidarity among all peoples and the equal value of all human beings. An education for peace.

We embrace diversity and honour the unique voice and personal experience of all members of our community. We recognize the power of each individual to bring new perspectives and understanding to the learning experience of all. In honouring a multiplicity of voices and demonstrating respect for each individual we sustain meaningful discourse. Yet we recognize, too, that sometimes we may need to struggle together in discomfort in order to come to resolution. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity touches all aspects of the life of our community: our policies, programmes, curriculum and practices.

Ecolint welcomes all learners and meets their educational and social-emotional needs through developing autonomy, agency and self-advocacy via clearly defined programmes and support structures.