Head of Library Learning Commons (LLC)

Founded in 1924, the Foundation of the International School of Geneva, commonly known as Ecolint educates 4500 students aged from 3-18 representing over 130 nationalities. Each of our eight schools is dedicated to the development of seven life-worthy, future-ready global competences: we develop lifelong learning, self-agency, the ability to interact with the world, with others and with resources so as to develop transdisciplinary, multiliterate thinking. Through this, we drive our mission, which is to educate students to be global citizens with the courage and capacity to create a just and joyful tomorrow together. Ecolint is built on strong humanitarian values and prides itself on its long history of pedagogical innovation, including the creation of the Model United Nations system and the International Baccalaureate. We have around 1250 employees representing more than 60 nationalities, united as one core of dynamic professionals, committed to our mission. Campus des Nations is the most recent campus in the International School of Geneva Foundation. Located in the heart of Geneva’s international quarter, this campus has quickly established itself as an educationally pioneering school committed to putting student learning at the centre of all its activities. Campus des Nations is proud to be an International Baccalaureate World School. Our programmes are based on the IB’s ‘Learner Profile’, a set of ideals that inspire, motivate and focus the work of the school and help students to become more thoughtful, moral, cultured and caring. Fostering these qualities is at the heart of all we do.
LocationCampus des Nations (Secondary/secondaire)
Application closing date23/10/2021
Starting Date31.08.2022

To complete our team, we are looking for a:

Head of Library Learning Commons (LLC)
Full-time – 40  Hour(s)24 Period(s)

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Job purpose:

  • Act as an educational leader who is committed to continued learning and personal/professional growth and intellectual curiosity. 
  • Help students to develop the skills, attitude and knowledge to become effective, self-directed and life-long learners 
  • Enable outreach, collaborative planning, co-teaching, and efficient functioning as well as maintenance of the Learning Commons
  • Collaborate to include conversations about innovation and current research into practice, as well as exploration and assessment of new practices.
  • Implement co-designed practices and projects to address the unique learning of students (inclusion, diversity, differentiation, adaptations, multiple literacies etc.), research and tools (seamless, appropriate and ethical use of technologies, evaluation of resources, etc.), assessment of and for learning (scaffolding the learning where necessary, as well as considering and reviewing the progress of students’ inquiries, constructions and creations etc.)

Main accountabilities: 
Provide students direction and support

  • Establish and maintain a welcoming atmosphere within an aesthetically pleasing environment which is conducive to productive, pleasurable and considerate use of the LLC
  • Oversee extended essays, reflective projects and personal projects
  • Develop and implement an effective plan for providing an LLC programme and collection of resources which promotes the philosophy, goals and objectives of the school and meets the curriculum needs 
  • Encourage all students, teachers and staff to fully utilise the resources and services of the LLC
  • Conduct systematic and periodic evaluations of the effectiveness of the LLC programme in meeting the school’s and students’ needs 
  • Assist students in identifying, locating and interpreting information required for research purposes 
  • Encourage independent reading for pleasure by providing materials appropriate to a variety of interests, ability levels and national origins/ethnic backgrounds 
  • Ensure that the LLC collection reflects the school’s international character and orientation 
  • The successful candidate will be inspired, driven and a motivated leader, with an outstanding teaching and leadership record with recognised management and organisational skills. They will display excellent interpersonal and relationship management attributes with well developed presentation skills and a willingness  to lead change.

Lead Staff

  • Lead, organise and supervise the work of other LLC staff, parent volunteers and CAS students
  • Plan and conduct staff development opportunities for the LLC staff.
  • Ground collegial relationships in trust and engage with teachers in collaborative curriculum and programme development, networking, teacher inquiry, research, and other professional activities

Ensure uptodate and funcional technology

  • Keep the automated card catalogue/circulation software up-to-date

Ensure legal compliance

  • Promote adherence to copyright and intellectual property rights and follows the procedures established within the School / Foundation policy manual 

Manage communications and building relationships

  • Periodically inform the parent, faculty and student community of new acquisitions, special events and developments pertaining to the LLC programme 
  • Liaise with other Foundation LLCs and with external local and international libraries, professional groups, organisations, etc. to enhance the school constituents’ access to a rich educational environment.

Manage expenses 

  • Propose, implement and supervise the LLC budget in accordance with established priorities and identified needs. 

Manage property

  • Schedule the use of the LLC and resources by classes, groups and individuals 
  • Establish and regularly review protocols for effective and respectful negotiated use of time and space.

Support the organisational structure

  • Inform teachers of new LLC materials / information resources which are related to their teaching areas.
  • Provide assistance and support to teachers by helping them identify and reserve research resources appropriate to specific teaching units.
  • Prepare bibliographies and reading lists as appropriate or requested 
  • Encourage the integration of instructional technologies into the curriculum to enhance student learning.
  • Organise and catalogue resources and materials to ensure rigour and efficient access.
  • Conduct a regular inventory of LLC holdings and remove from the collection old, obsolete and inappropriate materials.


Knowledge, skills and experience

  • College degree / Bachelor in Library and information science
  • Specialised knowledge 
  • Between 6-10 years of relevant experience 
  • Very good interpersonal skills with team-spirit 
  • Excellent organisational skills 
  • Understanding of inter-departmental dependencies 
  • Able to rethink processes and procedures 
  • Self-reflective and able to solve complex problems 
  • Able to make decisions and bear their impact 
  • Able to establish organisational objectives and assign responsibilities 
  • C1 level of English and B1 in French or strong willingness to achieve that level.
  • Google Educator certification

Candidates are requested to apply online attaching their CV  and a covering letter. The application must be addressed to Mr Jamie Williams, International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations Campus by 23th October 2021 mentioning the reference number 430 193.

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The International School of Geneva values and encourages diversity among its staff. As such, we welcome applications from candidates with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. The School is seriously committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

All successful candidates will be subject to rigorous conduct and child protection checks appropriate to their position, including prior checks with their previous employers and the authorities.