Themes for 2018

1. Environment

Environmental crisis management
Climate change policy and practice
Preservation of endangered species
The use and sharing of nuclear energy

2. Human Rights

The status of women / pornography
Religious / racial / political persecution
Refugees / Immigration quotas / Human trafficking
Freedom of speech / press / internet
Emergency / anti-terrorism legislation

3. International Relations / Development

International aid / Third world debt
IMF/ Deficit reduction / Unemployment
Trade imbalances / Developing economies
Multinational trade agreements (TISA, TTIP)
Global economic and financial crisis management

4. International Security

The role of Security Council / General Assembly
Proliferation and development of chemical / nuclear weapons
Intelligence sharing and cooperation against terrorist organisations
Electronic surveillance / Cyber-terrorism / electronic warfare


- Each delegation must submit a typed resolution which addresses one of the above themes,
from the point of view of the delegation’s government. 
Resolutions must comply with the standard format (see model resolution): font size no smaller than 10pt. and one A4 page in length
- The deadline for submission of resolutions is the 29th October
- Resolutions should be saved electronically for eventual modification should they be selected.


SLN 2017 - Model resolution
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