Guiding Principles

After two years of collaboration with the UNESCO's International Bureau of Education, the International School of Geneva is delighted to launch the publication of this key document identifying what is essential for a 21st century quality education. The Principles include suggestions for practical application in the classroom.



1. Academic honesty
2. Information literacy
3. Critical thinking
4. Creativity
5. STEM learning
6. Concepts-focussed learning
7. Health and Mindfulness
8. Service learning
9. Learning support
10. Assessment

Guiding Principles brochure

"The Guiding Principles were designed by educational experts, teachers, parents and students. They include suggestions for best practice in schools but speak to a wider audience interested in K-12 education.

The Guiding Principles are intended to stimulate meaningful reflection on education so that those who read them feel inspired to take up some of the suggestions and adapt them to the realities of their own classrooms. We are confident that these Guiding Principles provide a strong framework for schools throughout the world to promote an education for peace and sustainable development.

At Ecolint we design curriculum, professional development and educational policy using the Guiding Principles so that our students receives an education of quality, depth and innovative practice."

Dr Conrad Hughes
Director of Education, International School of Geneva 


Video illustrating the 10 principles